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Each piece is handmade in sterling silver or sterling silver, 18 carat gold plated. The high level of craftsmanship keeps CONCEAL from becoming a mass product. Their eclectic approach is reflected in each collection in the use of collectable materials & a lot of creativity. They are combined to make jewelry contemporary and fashionably but always with their own recognizable signature;

classic with a tough look.

After completing a fine art degree as skilled goldsmiths at the famous school of Arts & Crafts in Schoonhoven in The Netherlands, Hellen Hoelen & Diana Stotefalk dreamed of making their own jewelry-collection some day. It would take them however some more years to reach that goal.

Hellen started to work for the Belgium jewelry designer Doris Grieten. Later on she was asked by Wouters & Hendrix; the international well-known jewelry-designers from Antwerp, to work for them.

Diana started at jeweler house Aalbers in Velp. She got the opportunity to work for the exclusive jewelry concern Schaap & Citroen two years later.

Finally on the 25th of January 2003 their dream came true. CONCEAL opened the doors of its flagship-store in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch, the fashionable- and cultural heart in the south of The Netherlands. They took off with their first collection, which was called: "The first story of the untold secrets".

CONCEAL means: hiding, keeping a secret. Each jewel of CONCEAL has its own secret, It hides a still unknown personal story. The secret becomes revealed by wearing the jewel. 

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